Let’s talk about Flat Design

Let’s talk about Flat Design

What is Flat Design ?

This year confirms the trend of the so called Flat Design.
This term can be confusing, so let’s explain what Flat Design is and why you should consider it for your next project (blog/website).

The main trends in classing design are constantly changing. Some trends outshined others, in particular the appealing trend towards Flat Design that made itself apparent in everything from icon design to mobile interfaces to classic web design.
Flat Design, which is far from being a new trend, could be defined by a simple graphic style common in user interface (UI), software and Web design. No more 3D, FX or whatever. The simpliest way to display elements tends to be everywhere.

Creating your Flat Design website

Here is an example of beautiful and successful use of flat design : Google!


The recent change of the Mountain View corporation logo is a good example or brilliant Flat Design.

See the difference ?

Creating a Flat Design oriented website isn’t that difficult, and you’ll find easily a bunch of resources on the Internet.
Here are two useful links for your next website building inspiration !


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