We design beautiful Logos.

Step One

Step 1 : Sharing ideas

Have you ever imagine a logo for your brand/business ? Would you rather to let us starting over ?
You make the decision, because none can represent your business better than yourself.
The first step is then the communication with the graphic design team, that will be aware of your ideas.

At this step we need to have the full information about your business.

  • What does your company do?
  • Who are your typical customers?
  • Who are your business competitors?

Step 2 : Research

This step requires us to find out more about the industry you’re business is in.
We look at emerging trends in your domain.There starts the visual research.

That means we have to review the logo designs of your competitors.
Then we define what makes them awesome or old-fashioned.
This is only a research work, we can see a definite trend in logo designs within your industry, but decide at the end innovating on the trend.

We will choose the best way to make your brand unique and beautiful among your competitors.

Step Two
Step Three

Step 3 : Build the design concepts

Once we have done our research, we can get on to the interesting part of the logo design process.

This is the step where we make the difference through our graphic designers’ skills.

At this time we develop an good blend of high quality graphics that also convey the right message for your business.
We try to put all the natureand identity of your business into a small and simple design, suitable for use in many different circumstances (business cards, marketing material, website design).

Step 4 : Feedback and review

This is the review time. Our designers take a objective look on their work.

We usually have come up there with a lot of logo design concepts.
So we focus on the best ones and discard the others.

We bring the final touch to our selected logos and let the design develop.
We are asking at this step for your first feedback to definitely fit to your expectations and needs.

Step Four
Step Five

Step 5 : Presentation

Once we have finalized our designs, it’s time for us to do a formal presentation to you.
You will be able to take a look to several logo designs. Take time to think about it. If you need any explanations on how we got there with these visuals, we’ll give you details on our whole design process.

We take on board any comments you might have and resolve any issues if need be through a design revision process.

We’re looking forward to design your logo.